The Food Allergy Coloring Book

I wrote this little book many years ago for my 4 year old grandson, Ben, who had an allergic reaction to sweets. He had a hard time at birthday parties, etc. When I read him this story, he related to ‘Tom’ and asked me to read it again and again. Soon, requests for copies came from friends, relatives and eventually strangers. So, I had 1,000 copies printed up at my expense.  I don't expect to ever break even..and mostly donate the books where they can be helpful to youngsters.

                                    COMMENTS :

"Betty, your book is a winner and should be available to pre-school and elementary school students. How can this be done?", Drs. Allen and Mary Jelks (Pediatricians)

“I can only imagine how beneficial it would be for millions of children who face allergy problems on a daily basis”, (Shriners Hospital, Tampa, FL)

“The children love the book and it teaches ALL the children, as well as the staff members”. Small World Montesorri, Fort Lee NJ

“This excellent book offers youngsters support and understanding during a difficult time in their lives.” Dr. John Pagano, author of “Healing Psoriasis: The Natural Alternative”

“A book like this that can help a child feel more confident should be readily available in every school.” Gocio School Principal Steve Dragon, Sarasota FL

Featured stories about “The Food Allergy Coloring Book” appeared in publications; The (Bergen) Record (NJ), The Sarasota Herald Tribune, Natural Awakenings and The East Coast Observer (FL) and I was honored to discuss the book on TV and radio with hosts; Rochelle Herman (Healthtalk), Doug Miles (1220 am) and Annette Scherman (Community).

As a volunteer with the ALL FAITHS FOOD BANK nutrition program in Sarasota County, I visit preschools where I read the book, discuss food allergies and bring samples of healthy veggies and fruits. I leave a book with each classroom.

Perhaps YOU would like to help promote good health and good will by distributing these books to schools, doctor’s offices, health food stores, etc.

I sell each book for $5. However, with the purchase of a dozen or more, I ask only for $2.50 for myself. If I ever break will be a surprise. 

Fundraisers (purchasing at 2:50) have sold the books for $10 each and earned money for their worthy causes.

Please contact me if you have any interest.

* I also wrote the text in 'Rap' rhyme, so the kids can act it out the tale of Tommy, Ginny, Mrs Burry, etc.

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