To confirm any listing below - email me at BETTYCOMORA@AOL.COM OR call me at 941-378-5166






Curious to see me performing?  Check out some youtubes.  Type in:  Betty Comora, music    also  Betty Comora, Mike Evans.




   I expect I'll still play Tuesdays 11:45 - 12:30 in dining room of Friendship Center and Wed. 3 - 4 at the Center with Mike Evans/banjo 30and Dick Poland/bass 

January 7:  I'm vocalist with the lively "Dixie Spirit" dixieland band at T.J.Carney's, 231 West Venice Av, Venice. Music and dancing from: 6:30 - 9:30 pm  941-480-9244

Jan. 28   "Fanny Brice Tells All" at Villa Grand at 1 pm (repeat performance there)      It MAY be open to the public. Call.  This was postponed ...due to death of my husband, Owen, on Jan. 27.  Sad...but true. He was a prominent TV Publicist for prestigious shows...retired to Florida and became a popular birding lecturer and guide. Sarasota Audubon gave a beautiful memorial service  which is on Youtube

    Encouraged by other widowed musicians...MANY...I'm back playing music as often as I can.  

Feb. 28:  My 'Happy Jazz Band" Dixieland music at the Meadows Community Center, 2004 Longmeadow, outdoors from 1:30 to 3:30  30

I'LL BE BACK ON TUESDAYS 11:45 TO 12:30 as volunteer pianist for Friendship Center lunches

Wednesdays...from 3 - 4 pm Mike Evans/bnjo, Dick Poland/bass and I play at Friendship Center ..sit in's welcome

March 3: I'm singing with the 'Dixie Spirit' dixieland band at T.J.Carney's on Venice Ave in Venice

March 5:  Betty plays piano/vocals at 11 am to 1 pm, Saturday Brunch at newly owned 'Golden Daisy Cafe', in The Meadows, 5045 Ringwood Meadow                                          

March 10:   FANNY BRICE TELLS ALL,  my one-person show at Villa Grande.

March 12: 11 am..No music..but..a dedication of "Owen's Grove" at the Celery Fields Audubon area for my late husband, Owen Comora, who was a very active Audubon volunteer. Google him.  Many relatives are flying in for it..so I'll be busy.

March 27:EASTER SUNDAY BRUNCH at The Golden Daisy Cafe 5045 Taywood -Meadow.  Mike Evans/banjo and I (piano/voc) will play from 10 am to 12 noon. Call 371 3354.

March 31..Thursday..  I'm singing with the "Dixie Spirit" dixieland band again at TJ Carney's on Venice Ave. in Venice.    6:30 to 9:30 pm.   When at fun!


SATURDAY JAZZ BRUNCH: 11 - 1 , The Golden Daisy  (call to make sure) 371 3354 

PLUS..every Thursday in April I'm with the DIXIE SPIRIT band at TJ Carney's 6:30 to 9:30 in Venice   480 9244 for reservations

                   I am one of the pianists who volunteer at lunchtime at the Friendship Center. I'm there on Tuesday  11:45 to 12:30. stop in and say hello. 

APRIL 3:  "Fanny Brice Tells All" show at Punta Gorda Hadassah     2 pm


 May 5:   I' ll perform my 1 hour/1 person "FANNY BRICE TELLS ALL" for The Women of Sinai, Temple Sinai, Sarasota,  12:30 noon (you can see sample on the 'Fanny' page)

May 7; JAZZ BRUNCH at The Golden Daisy in The Meadows Shopping Village. I'll be there 11 - 1 with guest musician Lenny Rojas on sax.  Call 371-3354  5045 Ringwood Meadow.

June 26: FANNY BRICE TELLS ALL, at Jacaranda Trace in Venice,

June 27: Sing at Mama Onesti, Bradenton

July 8;  FANNY BRICE..at DeSoto Palm

July 25: Sing with Art Hecker Qt at Mama Onesti, Bradenton

My computer is quirky so I don't enter EVERYTHING...call me if you have a question  941 378 5166 

or drop in on a Tuesday at noon where I play piano at the Friendship Center.1888 Brother Geenen Way..in the dining room....say 'hi'.  You can listen and don't need to eat there. I play 11:45 to 12:30....then I head. off to play ping pong at the Bath & Raquet Club one block south of Bee Ridge.  IT'S FUN.  Try it...you can go 3 times free and decide if you want to join.

August 11: I'll provide some music for Democrats in The Meadows at their event in The Meadows Pub in Sarasota. The event is from 4:30 to 6:30 pm. Call Ms Jan Pierce for details  870-4828   Mike Evans/banjo buddy will be with me

August 16: Cypress Springs, Bradenton

August 28: Unitarian Universalist Church in Bradenton, for upbeat morning service at 10 am.


   NOVEMBER 18 - 20..I'm booked again in the fantastic "Suncoast Classic Jazz Festival" in Clearwater, FL.  I'm thrilled to be 'on the bill' for the 5th year.  Check out details on their website.  I'll let you know more..when I know more.  Meanwhile..check out this website and look for me:  SUNCOASTJAOMOZZCLASSIC.COM


"ALL THOSE JAZZES"  I had performed it for the Jazz Club of Sarasota with a 6 piece band....but this time it was just the talented pianist, Bill Buchman and myself.  We both played and explained various forms of jazz which all fall under the big umbrella term JAZZ...but are unlike one another.  Humor is included.  WE WERE A HIT.   (what a relief)

Dec. 8: I'm playing 7 pm and 9 pm for the ART AVENUE GALLERY reception in the Westfield Mall on Tamiami/Siesta Drive.  Open to the public.   The Gallery is very impressive and LARGE...with original art  zz by both the Masters and the soon to be.

I'm going to Cuba for the Jazz Festival...and bringing my washboard.  I'll let you know what happens.

I'M BACK FROM A JOYFUL AND MEMORABLE TRIP TO CUBA WITH MY FRIEND, KATHY.  WE LOVED IT.  The tour guide took us to varied places of interest..but the best waWs that live music is everywhere.  I didn't bring my washboard...too much to carry...but I DID sit in on piano and percussion a bit .  What charming musicians.  When we couldn't communicate with words...we became creative. I may take Spanish class here...The food is delicious and healthy....everything organic because pesticides are not permitted. and DANCING was the " 


I'LL BE VOCALIST/WASHBOARDIST WITH THE DIXIE SPIRIT JAZZ BAND   6:30 TO 9:30.  IT'S FUN!   YIKE..things written below just all got wiped out...and I have to leave now.  bummer...




The Meadows.  Mike Currao/banjo, Art Blatt/trombone, Dick Poland/bass, John Tomovick/trumpet, Rick Lewis/drums, Betty on piano/washboard.

I'm still doing Thursday nights at TJ Carney's in Venice..and assorted private parties.

I'm happy to say that I'm able to keep this website page up to date. Thanks to guru banjo/computer whiz Mike Evans, he installed a new system for my website updates ..and I'm actually REMEMBERING it..step by step. WITH THIS NEW WEBSITE FORMAT..I SEE WEIRD LETTERS/NUMBERS WHEN I TYPE INFORMATION. PLEASE DISREGARD IT IF IT SHOWS UP ON YOUR SCREEN. SO..here's some things I've been busy with. I performed FANNY BRICE TELLS ALL early April, at THE PLAYERS CLUB on Long Boat Key. It was FUN! My grandson, Teddy Comora visited and he were 'out and about' sitting in at different clubs. He plays piano great...and we both sat in at the Blue Rooster and the 5 O'clock club. What a hoot! You can see him on several Youtubes.

     APRIL 23,  SUNDAY AFTERNOON, 3:30 to 5:30 pm    I': I'm performing at Shanghai Jazz Restaurant.Madison, NJ..for the Jersey Jazz Society.    NJJS monthly meeting there.    SHANGHAI JAZZ is 973-822-2899 . Please call me if you would like more info--   home: 941 378 5166 or cell 941-321-8322

I'll be staying with son, David and family in Parsippany. THEIR number is 973-993-5969. I'm hoping we'll see my favorite band 'Vince Giordano's Nighthawks' in NYC the following Monday.

This is my 15th year volunteering at the Friendship Center. I play Tuesdays in the dining room from 11:45 to 12:30 for lunch. It's a great place where folks can come for music, dancing (in afternoon 1 - 3 pm), excercises, classes, etc. There are hundreds of volunteers who keep it working...and donations from the public are always needed because nothing comes from the government . Today was a volunteer appreciation breakfast.
I'm using a new format for this 'gig blog' page...and if I could, I'm make the letters larger and space it better. Well...nobody's perfect.
HALLALUJAH! I'm back from New Jersey where I had a fantastic experience playing a gig for New Jersey Jazz Society on Sunday April 23, at Shanghai Jazz in Madison, NJ. The very talented and personable Bill Crow played bass with me and even sang a tune. Check him out on Bill Crow Bass website. My grandson, Teddy Comora, drove down from college just to play four tunes with us on piano...and, of course everyone loved him. Teddy Comora is on MANY Youtubes. The place will filled to the brim with old friends and family members I hadn't seen for years...as well as the current NJJS members. Thanks to my son, David, this entire performance will soon be available on YOUTUBE....Yikes..2 complete sets. I don't expect anyone to watch it but me. I included songs I wrote as well as some clever songs written by friends. People said they appreciated it because it wasn't the same old..same old.
The next evening David and wife, Mary drove us to NYC to see my favorite band..Vince Giordano's Nighthawks. What a great treat! I was surprised (and thrilled) when Vince invited me to sing a song with them. They gave me a great introduction..the music of Betty Boop cartoons. David videoed it and put it on Youtube: Betty Comora, Vince Giordano's Nighthawks.
I returned to find that we -- THE DIXIE SPIRIT BAND are still performing at TJ Carney's in Venice, FL on Thursday nights 6:30 to 9:30...for a few more weeks. Yippee
May 4, Wednesday, I'm performing 'FANNY BRICE TELLS ALL' at the Venice Golf and Country Club for Jewish Congregation Sisterhood Luncheon.
May 7: I'm playing some upbeat music for the UU Church in Bradenton's Sunday service.
May 31: Music for residents at Autumn of Sarasota facility
JUNE AND JULY; I intend to volunteer for the 'Music Compond', where children will learn to enjoy music in many capacities. If you want to volunteer..see their website. I also volunteered summertime at Boys & Girls Club. Not music..but played 'Bird Bingo' with cute kids.
SEPT. I performed FANNY BRICE TELLS ALL at Jefferson Center for a wonderful audience who laughed alot. October; Banjo Mike Evans and I played at PORCHFEST, Sarasota Oct.8. What fun. I haven't been keeping my schedule info up to date....so...you missed it. Trust me..it was good. Oct. 28 AGE FRIENDLY FESTIVAL at Robarts Arena Fairgrounds (indoors). I'll be one of several musicians demonstrating how to play insturments...mine will be WASHBOARD. In addition to music..there will be all sorts of interesting projects taking place. Check with them for schedule. I don't have it yet. I'm still playing piano/singing weekly at Friendship Center on Tuesdays in the dining room from 11:45 to 12:30. THEN..I often sit in with the 1 - 3 band and play my ukulele with them. How nice that they 'allow' that. I don't use the mike..so I can't do much damage. I try to sit in on Monday and Wed afternoons when possible, too. I just strum...and pretend I'm Freddy Greene (spelling?) with Count Basie Band. I'm back to school..same first grade teacher at Tuttle who is great with the kids. I've been volunteering there for a few years and love it. I decided to add more than music on this gig/blog. Now...why did the margin change on this page? Ugh I'm so un-techie. NOVEMBER a gig with Mike Evans in Winter Haven. A very enterprising lady there saw the 'Gulf Coast Journal' PBS show about 'washboard woman' (me) and tracked me down...and called me. Thanks to banjo/Mike Evans joining me..it's worth the drive.

NOV. 17 - 19 I am still 'on a high' from a fantastic fun-filled experience. event. This was my 6th year on the bill with outstanding musicians from coast to coast. Check web: SUNCOASTJAZZCLASSIC.COM I'm lucky to be 'voted back' and spend a weekend at the Sheraton Hotel, Clearwater performing and also watching top notch Jazz musicians entertain. This year I played a solo set as pianist/vocalist and introduced songs I wrote and a few by friends...I played a rollicking set with banjo/Mike Evans and bass/John Lamb where we ended with patrons ringing bells in a chorus line. Director, Joan Dragon, asked me to come up with some 'filler fun' in the hall...between official featured bands performances...so I brought 5 extra washboards & thimbles for folks to try. Mike Evans/banjo played lively tunes and the hall echoes with fun and laughter...and aspiring percussionists...from age 7 and up.
Dec. 9 Entertaining for the Woodcarvers party.
Dec. 12: BARRY & THE BOOMERS WITH BETTY I had fun playing washboard with this talented group at Latte Luna, Bradenton ...and I look forward to this gig at the Friendship Center in Sarasota. 6 to 8 pm. Come to listen and/or dance. Dec. 13: FANNY BRICE TELLS ALL, I'm performing that day (my birthday) at the North Sarasota library at approximately 1:30 pm. It's for a friendly group of hearing impaired folks. Check out Hearing Loss Assoc. of America. It's the best birthday present I can think of. I love making people laugh. I wrote this show several years ago and you can see a sample on my website.
Dec. 19 I'm one in the line-up to play music at Sunnyside

Meanwhile, I'm still playing on Tuesdays at the Friendship Center in Sarasota..in the dining room. It's a great place..with different bands playing daily from 1 - 3 pm Monday thru Friday in the BIG room for listening and dancing. Don't stay home..if you don't have to.
January 18, I'll be back on Thursday nights as vocalist with the very lively dixieland band called DIXIE SPIRIT BAND, at TJ Carney's in Venice.. 6:30 to 9:30 pm.















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